Newsflash – High Employment for College Educated

On May 7th, 2011, posted in: Job Search Tips by Mike


In 2011 companies are struggling to find talented professionals to meet critical requirements. The news media are missing a huge story. Even though the national unemployment rate has been in the 9%-10% range over the last six months, the professional rate is 4%. So, college educated professionals are essentially FULLY EMPLOYED. It is known by economists that as unemployment nears 2% there is full employment. The 2% number indicates normal job openings due to people quitting and moving to a new opportunity,the 2-3 week notice.  Also, when positions are eliminated it still takes good people 2-4 weeks to find a new job.
So, the bottom line is that with unemployment rate for professionals at 4%, people seeking jobs are in control. Companies need to use recruiters more frequently for these positions because they just can’t find quality people.

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