Effectively locating top talent

Top talent are A-Players; that top 5% who can transform your company, grow revenue and/or improve your bottom line. The question is how do YOU locate these people. We believe it’s all about networking. You and your team have contacts – you might find an A-player through your networks. However, to be in contact with a much larger network you need a top recruiter who is in your market every day. You need a recruiter or search consultant who is talking to the talent who are transformation agents.
To locate top talent, we believe you should engage search consultants who talk to CIOs, applications experts and infrastructure engineers every day. To locate IT premiere talent you need to evaluate and logically chose a search consultant who understands your business and current technology. IT is not a simple field and very few people can interpret the terminology, the jargon and the personalities of IT professionals.
Once you locate a search consultant who convinces you they can do all three, you will truly have a partner who can help you top grade your IT staff. You don’t want C-players; you need A players to lift your department beyond mediocrity.
Lastly, as in every purchase you will see that the performance of a quality search consultant will far exceed the cost on their services. The adage “you get what you pay for” applies to search & recruiting as well. If you focus on the lowest fees, you will get what you pay for.  In the long run, our service fee will by minuscule compared to the benefit an A-Player provides your company.