Jim Shelton

For more than ten years I have specialized in IT recruiting. One thing that separates me from other IT recruiters is that I am a former programmer that has decided to leverage his computer knowledge and experience as an executive recruiter instead of as a hands-on IT department resource. As a recruiting professional, I consider my role to be that of consultant. I review the entire staffing scenario and advise appropriately. My approach is to build long-term relationships rather than an opportunistic one that is short term.

I, primarily, work with clients in Northeast Ohio, Western PA and the states surrounding OH. Being that I am geographically focused, I have completed successful searches for all position titles that are considered part of the IT function. Whether the need is for a permanent employee or a temporary contractor/consultant, I provide a solution.

We have developed a contractor/consultant promotion model where I agree to represent proven unusually outstanding independent contractors on a no fee basis. Contact me for details.

If you are a small business owner looking to outsource your IT function or bring in a consultant or IT services company for some project work. There are so many of these type of vendors out there that it may seem overwhelming to evaluate them properly. Contact me and I will provide you with referrals to the firms that we know are well established and have strong references. After all we are in the IT talent evaluation business. The same process applies to both individuals as well as IT service provider companies.

Being that I am a Bible believing follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, I have been able to build a partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCCI) in Orlando, FL. CCCI is a key client of mine. I would be pleased to work with other faith based organizations. Referrals would be much appreciated.

Peoplesoft, Oracle, SAP, ERP, .Net, Java, C#, CISSP, Security, Unix, Linux, software developers, systems engineers, AS/400 (iSeries), COBOL, Business Analysts, Software Architect, Project Managers, IT Director, etc…

Expert in surfacing and evaluating the unusually difficult to locate.

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