Recognition for Mike

From Illinois IT Manager:
“Even within IT, I have not seen anyone do such a thorough job of requirements gathering. I was really impressed with your detailed ‘requirements gathering’ skills and understanding of various IT technologies. You definitely stand out from the rest in your industry.”

From Ohio CIO:
“Mike Collins at Management Recruiters – North Canton (MRNC) has been my top recruiter for well over 5 years. When the job orders are difficult, Mike remains committed to finding the right candidate for my positions. What sets Mike above many of the other recruiters is his willingness to listen to my requirements while holding me responsible to provide him a clear critique of his candidates so that he can refine his searches. This open communications has been the foundation of our success in working together.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

From Ohio Director IT:
“We hired Mike over a several month period in late 2009 to assist us with filling a position within our company.  Mike always acted responsibly and professionally with us throughout this engagement.  Mike took the burden off of our shoulders, asked the right questions, and kept in touch and solicited feedback to insure he was meeting our objectives.  It was a pleasure to work with Mike and we would welcome the opportunity to do it again.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

From South Carolina Director Applications Development:
“Mike has consistenly presented candidates meeting my requirements.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

From Ohio Director Human Resources:
“Mike and I have known each other personally and professionally for many years.  Initially, he impressed me with his work ethic, intelligence, business savvy and direct yet sensitive communication style.   He is also an aggressive self-directed learner, diving into new challenges and learning the subject so he can operate capably within a short time.  These characteristics have been foundational to his success — his attention to detail, strong work ethic, problem-solving skills and customer savvy and engagement are among his strongest attributes.  In his professional recruiting role, he is skillful at creating value for clients by identifying, sourcing and vetting key talent within the organizations with which he has been associated.  He understands at a deep and broad level what it takes to action the recruiting process effectively.   His approach to business reflects a win- win-win approach that incorporates the voices of the customer, those being recruited and an in-depth understanding of the IT business processes in which the job will be actioned.  Because he understands the foundational importance of “right person – right time – right seat”, Mike and his colleagues exercise special care to ensure that both the customer and candidate are served well.  Most importantly, as an individual, I have never met a person who has such high integrity, a deep ethical framework or a stronger commitment to community service.  His positive energy, enthusiasm and “tactfully direct” approach represent a powerful model for those of us looking to increase our personal effectiveness.  Based on the above, Mike and his team at MRI receive my highest personal and professional recommendation.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

From Ohio Database Administrator:
“Mike has been the best recruiter I have ever used in my job search and placement.  What stood out to me was Mike’s willingness and desire to not only get to know me beyond just a potential recruit, but also as a person. Mike’s interviewing skills are excellant and he did an exceptional job in finding answers to my questions, collecting information about the job, and negioating the offer.  If you are an IT professional searching for a new job, I would highly recommend giving Mike a call, he is the go to person for recruiting.”

From Pennsylvania Support Engineer:
“Mike placed me in my current position. Unlike many in his industry, Mike has the unique ability and desire to actively listen and interpret feedback. He is an honest broker of information and seeks to match not only skills with requirements, but the real needs of both clients and prospect. The professionals that work with Mike and the Companies for whom he represents can rest assured they are in very good hands.”

From Ohio Business Owner:
“I have known Mike for almost twenty years, first as a fellow participant in a personal growth seminar, later as a fellow recruiter. Throughout these years Mike has always been accessible, open and helpful whenever I have gone to him with a problem. On many occasions he has provided me with  valuable insight into myown situation. In particular, when I have asked him to critique how I was handling a situation in my recruiting business he gave me heart-felt advice that reflected wisdom. He was always honest, candid, and helpful. I have great respect for Mike. He is a man of impeccable integrity.”