Computer giant Apple is on the look out for more senior level executives with knowledge of the emerging cloud business. The news comes as industry experts say the sector may level out after an initial increase in its cyber workforce.

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is on a hiring spree, with 168 current online postings for jobs at its iOS software division. In recent weeks, the company has been recruiting senior-level executives with experience in web-based software as part of its plan to expand its applications and services to compete with Microsoft and Google.

According to the news agency, Google is also looking for a slew of experienced software application engineers and currently has 365 listings for available jobs.

Meanwhile, industry analysts are predicting that demand for cyber-related jobs may begin to decline because the move to the cloud could help corporations do more with fewer workers.

Larry Dignan of ZDNET told Form Tek magazine the demand for data-center IT staff members will start to dwindle by 2020.

“The long-run value proposition of IT is not to support the human workforce – it is to replace it,” Dignan noted.

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With the rise of the internet over the past decade, perhaps no sector has benefited more than e-commerce.
For all the amazing things that the internet does, allowing people to conduct business of all varieties from their home is one of the most impressive. And the trend of this sector growing doesn’t appear to be slowing down.
The Salt Lake Tribune reports that online retailer CSN Stores is hiring a number of workers to help expand its business. Specifically, these workers will be performing customer-service functions at a facility in Ogden, Utah, for the company, which was founded in 2002.
“We just hired the first 30-plus people, and within the next several months, there certainly will be 100,” spokesman for the Boston-based company Dave Ladetto told the news source. “There could be around 200 [hires] over the next year.”
CSN isn’t the only internet company hiring however, as technology giant Apple is looking for at least one “Cloud Systems Software Engineer,” according to postings on its website. The posting says that the hire will help create the “the future of cloud services at Apple!”

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