Two new reports have found that hiring and revenue in the high tech sector are on the upswing, with more computer software companies struggling to find qualified workers.
According to the September WANTED Analytics report, more than 28,000 jobs for computer applications software engineers were posted online, a 23 percent growth over the past year. Companies on the West Coast had the highest rate of placement for computer specialists during September.
Along with the rise in the number of jobs posted online for software engineers, the report also found that the number of companies looking to hire applications workers grew by 66 percent since 2009. Some of the most in-demand jobs included positions with specialities in Java, .Net and Linux.
A second report by Research and Markets has found that revenue from the U.S. software sector has a combined annual revenue of approximately $220 billion, with about 60 percent of industry profits generated from software publishing.
The report found that the U.S. computer industry currently consists of approximately 500,000 companies, the largest of those businesses include Activision, Blizzard, Microsoft and Symantec.

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