Two major medical device companies will be expanding operations into Northeast Ohio.
Phillips Healthcare, maker of diagnostic, clinical and home healthcare products, recently announced it plans to move approximately 100 jobs from its San Jose, California, operations to Highland Heights, Ohio, according to the Plain Dealer.
The company said the move is part of an effort to consolidate its nuclear medicine division. Most of the new jobs will be part of the research and development division with an average salary of $115,000 per year.
Meanwhile, Steris Corporation, which manufacturers medical-equipment sterilizers and other healthcare equipment, said it was planning what it called a “significant” investment in the region that would create a number of new jobs.
Although the details of the deal have not yet been disclosed, Steris is expected to take advantage of state aid, as well as incentives from the nonprofit BioEnterprise, a group dedicated to build the region’s biomedical economy.
Baiju Shah, executive officer of BioEnterprise, told the Plain Dealer that more job creation from Phillips and Steris would help strengthen the state’s healthcare sector.
“Both of these companies are important flagship companies for the region. And both are leaders within their respective areas in the medical industry,” Shad noted.

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