As the economic situation around the world remains tenuously optimistic, some sectors are undergoing massive transformations as a result of how these industries are changing each moment. One of the newest trends is that of big data, and its impact on IT hiring has added to the demand for more assistance within technology-heavy corporations.
Subsequently, the need for IT personnel is on the rise, but not in places that job hunters would typically consider or expect. According to InformationWeek, even though social media is rapidly expanding, firms within this sector aren’t hiring many new employees. On the other hand, help desk associates and system security workers are in the greatest demand according to the source’s 2012 State of IT Staffing Survey. Companies are focusing on keeping tabs on the information and services they already own, but IT staff are needed to assist in maintaining and perfecting these systems, the study showed.
US News and World Report supported that claim in a recent article. Technology and defense companies appear to be hiring most of the IT personnel in the United States these days, focusing on honing their comprehension and systems integr

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One of the largest health information exchange companies in the United States recently announced that it would be conducting a new round of hiring to help handle growing demand.

In a statement, MediConnect Global stated that it was hoping to bring aboard qualified candidates to fill roles in a number of different capacities. The head of the firm said the healthcare field was rapidly expanding and that here were plenty of opportunities for those interested in joining.

“As we continue to demonstrate our leadership in the healthcare sector by anticipating trends and offering our clients the products and services that best fill their needs, we are committed to seeking out the best individuals to add to our already stellar team,” said Amy Rees Anderson, CEO of MediConnect Global. “Healthcare reform has driven remarkable demand for innovative products and services that streamline communication between patients, doctors, insurers and others.”

In March, the healthcare industry added a total of 26,000 jobs, with hospitals and doctor’s offices adding 8,000, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

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A new report has found the combination of consumer demand and the advancement of business applications for new technology continues to drive job growth in the high tech sector.
According to the Jones Lang LaSalle report, which tracked 18 markets, jobs in the high tech industry are increasing at nearly four times the national average of other occupations since the height of the economic downturn in February 2010. The report also found high tech companies drove up the demand for office space and an increase in venture capital investments.
Of the more than half million office jobs created since last year, the report found 127,000 positions were in the high tech services with San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Baltimore adding the biggest numbers to the high tech workforce over the past year and a half.
The report comes as officials in Pennsylvania are hoping the area will become a major high tech hub alongside Silicon Valley and Massachusetts.
Pennsylvania has seen a 1.6 percent increase in the number of high tech jobs from 2009 to 2010 with Franklin County having one of the highest concentrations of high tech companies in the state due to its lower tax base and overhead, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Computer giant Apple is on the look out for more senior level executives with knowledge of the emerging cloud business. The news comes as industry experts say the sector may level out after an initial increase in its cyber workforce.

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is on a hiring spree, with 168 current online postings for jobs at its iOS software division. In recent weeks, the company has been recruiting senior-level executives with experience in web-based software as part of its plan to expand its applications and services to compete with Microsoft and Google.

According to the news agency, Google is also looking for a slew of experienced software application engineers and currently has 365 listings for available jobs.

Meanwhile, industry analysts are predicting that demand for cyber-related jobs may begin to decline because the move to the cloud could help corporations do more with fewer workers.

Larry Dignan of ZDNET told Form Tek magazine the demand for data-center IT staff members will start to dwindle by 2020.

“The long-run value proposition of IT is not to support the human workforce – it is to replace it,” Dignan noted.

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