Job growth may be sluggish in certain sectors in the United States, but start-up companies across the nation are standing with open arms. According to an infographic released by StartUpHire, engineering and other technical jobs account for approximately 36 percent of all open jobs at start-ups, but less than 15 percent of candidates are applying for the positions.
Overall, software engineers had the largest number of open jobs in 2011 with more than 42,000 jobs posted. Sales positions were the only other sector where there were less applicants than opening.
In addition to start-up companies looking to hire engineers and software developers, tech giant Google is also seeking trained professionals. Google employs nearly 32,467 people, and in 2012, has shown a greater emphasis on boosting product development, according to ZDnet.
Tech-savvy professionals who want to find employment opportunities may want to consider the benefits of getting in early at start-up companies and how it may be easier to grow at smaller organizations. However, with stable organizations like Google also looking to grow, it may be worthwhile to submit applications to more financially sound employers.

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Two new reports have found that hiring and revenue in the high tech sector are on the upswing, with more computer software companies struggling to find qualified workers.
According to the September WANTED Analytics report, more than 28,000 jobs for computer applications software engineers were posted online, a 23 percent growth over the past year. Companies on the West Coast had the highest rate of placement for computer specialists during September.
Along with the rise in the number of jobs posted online for software engineers, the report also found that the number of companies looking to hire applications workers grew by 66 percent since 2009. Some of the most in-demand jobs included positions with specialities in Java, .Net and Linux.
A second report by Research and Markets has found that revenue from the U.S. software sector has a combined annual revenue of approximately $220 billion, with about 60 percent of industry profits generated from software publishing.
The report found that the U.S. computer industry currently consists of approximately 500,000 companies, the largest of those businesses include Activision, Blizzard, Microsoft and Symantec.

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Computer giant Apple is on the look out for more senior level executives with knowledge of the emerging cloud business. The news comes as industry experts say the sector may level out after an initial increase in its cyber workforce.

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is on a hiring spree, with 168 current online postings for jobs at its iOS software division. In recent weeks, the company has been recruiting senior-level executives with experience in web-based software as part of its plan to expand its applications and services to compete with Microsoft and Google.

According to the news agency, Google is also looking for a slew of experienced software application engineers and currently has 365 listings for available jobs.

Meanwhile, industry analysts are predicting that demand for cyber-related jobs may begin to decline because the move to the cloud could help corporations do more with fewer workers.

Larry Dignan of ZDNET told Form Tek magazine the demand for data-center IT staff members will start to dwindle by 2020.

“The long-run value proposition of IT is not to support the human workforce – it is to replace it,” Dignan noted.

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