A recent study by Forbes and Indeed.com looked at the companies in the technology sector that would be most likely to hire in the near future.
The groups found that Microsoft was the leading firm when it came to job openings, with 1,521 unique listings. The roles the company is looking to fill include network administrators, designers, engineers and software developers.
Other firms a sizable number of openings include Amazon.com, with 1,348 and IBM with 1,329 positions, open to those with the right technology skills.
Those looking to get hired will have to ensure that they leverage the right resources to impress the interviewer.
“Websites like CareerCup.com andGlassdoor.com will give you a good sense of the types of interview questions you might be asked,” said Gayle Laakmann McDowell, author of The Google Resume, said in an interview with Forbes. “But don’t stop at the technical or expertise questions. You can and should prepare for behavioral questions. Read through your resume and find ways of talking concisely and effectively about each of your accomplishments.”
Technology companies are expected to spend big bucks on bringing on qualified talent to improve products and services.

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