Kentucky will soon be home to a brand new customer service center, bringing with it many new jobs as a result.
Amazon announced that it was planning to build a new facility in Winchester, and will hire 600 seasonal and 550 full-time employees by 2017. The 70,000-square-foot building will house workers to provide customer support for clients of the online retailer.
Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear said that he was thrilled that more people would be able to find employment with the Fortune 500 company.
“Amazon’s decision to grow its Kentucky footprint is fantastic news, especially when you consider the impact of more than 1,100 full-time and seasonal jobs it will bring to the central Kentucky region,” Beshear said. “Kentucky is proud to have Amazon choose Winchester for this growth opportunity and wishes them continued success and prosperity.”
Many are looking to the technology industry to help spur job growth. At a recent speech at SUNY Albany, President Barack Obama said that the sector would be vital to the economic recovery of the U.S.
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Computer giant Apple is on the look out for more senior level executives with knowledge of the emerging cloud business. The news comes as industry experts say the sector may level out after an initial increase in its cyber workforce.

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is on a hiring spree, with 168 current online postings for jobs at its iOS software division. In recent weeks, the company has been recruiting senior-level executives with experience in web-based software as part of its plan to expand its applications and services to compete with Microsoft and Google.

According to the news agency, Google is also looking for a slew of experienced software application engineers and currently has 365 listings for available jobs.

Meanwhile, industry analysts are predicting that demand for cyber-related jobs may begin to decline because the move to the cloud could help corporations do more with fewer workers.

Larry Dignan of ZDNET told Form Tek magazine the demand for data-center IT staff members will start to dwindle by 2020.

“The long-run value proposition of IT is not to support the human workforce – it is to replace it,” Dignan noted.

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The coming of the digital age has led to the creation of many new businesses, and as these businesses grow, they need to hire new workers.
Such is the case with Verdasys Inc., an information security firm based in Waltham, Massachusetts. According to the Boston Business Journal, the company recently acquired funding which will be used to bring in new workers.
Verdasys received $15 million in investment from GE Asset Management, reports the news source.
Company CEO Jim Ricotta said that that money would largely be used to hire salespeople and engineers to help expand the business of the firm, which was founded in 2002.
Ricotta said that last year, the company reached profitability on just under $30 million in revenue. It is hoping that this new investment, which the news provider reports brings the total amount of the funds raised by the company to $45 million, will help it expand its footprint in the information security industry overseas.
Many companies in the computer software sector have likely been adding jobs recently, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 200,000 jobs were added in March.

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