According to a recent survey from and CareerBuilder, 31 percent of employers asked are looking to bring on board a new executive during the next six months.
The employment plans mark a 23 percent increase from October’s forecast and revealed that there are a number of different positions that will need to be filled over the next half of the year. Twenty-four percent of those surveyed said that they would be adding an executive in the business development department, while 23 percent planned to employ a new information technology executive, 22 percent sought a sales executive and 19 percent looked to fill this role in marketing.
“Hiring trends for executive-level management mirror what we’re seeing in the labor market for all workers,” said Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America. “As companies look to expand their sales force, develop new products and improve their tech infrastructure, the need for diverse, experienced leadership grows along with these initiatives.”
While many companies are likely to add new high-level staff members, overall job growth slowed in the month of April. A report from the Labor Department revealed that employers added 115,000 jobs – fewer than what was expected by various experts.

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