Computer technicians in the U.S. can expect promising job prospects in the coming months, according to recent reports.

For instance, recently reported that 18 states and Washington D.C. have fewer graduates with computer-related degrees than the total number of available jobs. In California alone, the number of open positions is almost triple the amount of new computer science graduates in the Golden State.

As a result, tech-savvy job seekers who have a background in computer software or information technology, should have little trouble finding career opportunities. According to NetworkWorld, Moody's Analytics has predicted that approximately 138,000 technology jobs will be added in 2011.

“The recovery, which started in the big areas like Silicon Valley, has now spread to all of these other places,” said Alice Hill, managing director at

Furthermore, a new survey by the Illinois Technology Association reveals that the growth of the technology industry is helping reinvigorate the Prairie State's economy in the wake of the recession. According to the poll, which questioned more than 100 tech-related companies, about 40 percent of respondents said that they experienced revenue growth of at least 20 percent in the previous six months.

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With technology seemingly progressing everyday, it is no wonder that companies on the cutting edge are hiring.
A recent poll of chief executive officers (CEOs) about economic conditions in Silicon Valley revealed that many are optimistic about increases in hiring, according the San Francisco Chronicle.
The survey asked 175 executives a number of questions and revealed that 66 percent of them had increased payroll in 2010. The news source reports that that figure represents the highest percentage since the annual Business Climate survey’s inception eight years ago.
“So 2010 was a comeback year for Silicon Valley,” said Carl Guardino, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of San Jose’s SVLG, a nonpartisan public-policy group. “What’s exciting is we’re seeing job growth not only globally but here in Silicon Valley.”
Looking forward, 55 percent of expect job growth in the region to be even higher this coming year.
Silicon Valley isn’t the only place adding technology jobs as the Chicago Tribune reports that Chrysler is adding 60 positions at its Kokomo, Indiana plant. Some of these roles will reportedly concern information technology.

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