As the global economy slowly begins to improve, California-based Tibco Software Incorporated has announced plans to hire 500 people in the U.S. this year.
Vivek Ranadive, Tibco’s chief executive officer, told Bloomberg News that his business-software company is looking to recruit workers from the nation’s top colleges including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford.
“We are hiring quite rapidly now, all in sales and service. It’s a good time to hire. Some big banks aren’t hiring, so there isn’t as much competition for workers from Wall Street,” Ranadive added. “We are very optimistic about 2012, even in Europe. I think it’s like a well-kept secret that U.S. is doing better.”
Meanwhile, a new report has found that technology professionals are now earning some of their largest annual salaries since 2008.
The 2012-2011 Salary Survey found that after two straight years of flat wages, tech workers earned an average salary increase of more than 2 percent in 2010.
Tech workers in Chicago and Seattle saw the largest increases at 5 percent, followed by Denver, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles.

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